Black Friday?

3 Dec

I must admit confusion about the designation of this holiest of days in the American religion as Black Friday. The stock market crash of 1929 is forever known as Black Thursday. And consistent with that, Black Monday (Oct 19,1987) refers to the  worst one crash in stock market history—the Dow Jones Industrial average fell about 23%.

So, why Black Friday?

My eternal (as long as it lasts)search for satisfying reading has brought me to a couple of jewels. In a recent conversation with Jessica Francis Kane (which, if you so choose, you may eavesdrop on at The Morning News) about her first novel The Report, I was pleased to learn it was short listed for a 1st novel award, Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel Prize ,by the Center for Fiction. I was aware of five or six of the other nominees except for Drew Perry’s This is Just Exactly Like You (Viking) About which Brad Watson exclaims:

A beautiful rant against the so-called sane majority. And very funny: a dead-on, hilariously sad account—without a scintilla of sentimentality—of raising a brilliant
autistic child in a marriage gone mad on account of it.”


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