Everyday’s a Holiday

7 Dec

While I am not oblivious to the seasonal irrationality (though to call it irrationality when consumption is socially mandated may be less than accurate) clogging up the airwaves and and neuro systems of all good Americans, since on a daily basis a nice bundle of packages find their way to my porch steps it is not a spectacle I watch first hand— as I quite happy am to avoid mall and storefront for all but necessities.

I take some measure of relief from this as I took notice earlier (this year?) that people as shoppers don’t display the kind of lightness and joyfulness one would expect coincidental with buying, buying, buying. Perhaps what I am witnessing is the exhaustion of gerbil replicating the task of Sisyphus.

I can’t say there is not an element of schadenfreude involved here
but ascertaining that is much too complicated for the simple matter at hand.Here’s some (or at least the worthy portion )of the biblio bounty that graces numerous surfaces in my habitat:

The Oxford Book of Parodies – edited by John Ross (Oxford Uinversity Press)

Lend Me Your Ears: The Oxford Dictionary of Political Quotations– ed by Anthony Jay(Oxford University Press)

China: Portrait of A People– Tom Carter (Blacksmith Books)

America by Heart Reflections on Family Faith and Flag– Sarah Palin (HArpers)

Ploughshares – Winter 2010/2011 ed byTerrance Hayes

Lord of Misrule – Jaimy Gordon( McPherson)

Portraits of A Few People I’ve Made Cry– Christine Sneed (University of of Massachsetts Press)

The Killing of Crazy Horse– Thomas Powers (Knopf)

Penguin 75 Designers, Authors, Commentary ed by Paul Buckley (Penguin)

Hero:The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia-Michael Korda (Harper)

Twin: A Memoir Allen Shawn (Viking)

The Gray Earth Galsan Tschinag (Milkweed Editions)

Devil Dogs by David Talbot illustrated by Spain Rodriguez (Simon & Schuster)

Shadow Knights- by Gary Kamiya illustrated by Jeffrey Smith (Simon & Schuster

Shock of Gray: The Aging of the World’s Population and how it pits young against old , parent against child worker against boss, company against rival, and nation against nation -Ted C Fishman (Scribners)

Rogue Island– Bruce De Silva (Forge)

Dealings– Felix Rohaytn (Simon & Schuster)

The Adventures of Unemployed Man – by Erich Origen and Gan Golan (Little Brown)

Patriotic Envelopes of the Civil War: The Iconography of Union and Confederate Covers – Steven Boyd (Louisiana State University Press)

The Thief of Time: Philosophical Essays on Procrastination -Chrisoula Andreou and Mark D. White Oxford University Press

Celebrate People’s History– Josh MacPhee with an introduction by Rebecca Solnit(the Feminist Press)

Not bad, huh?

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