Bridges to Somewhere

8 Dec

There are manifold reasons to enthusiastically anticipate the holiday release of the Coen Brothers iteration of Charles Portis’s story True Grit. The Coen Bros sure handed cinematic treatment would be one. The story that under-appreciated novelist Portis created, another(reason). a splendid cast including Jeff Bridges reprising the role of Reuben “Rooster” Cogburn initially played by John Wayne in the 1969 Henry Hathaway version

One (mainly me) would hope that as the Coen Brothers breath some new life into
the most American of all narrative forms, the Western, a by product of their effort will be to gain Charles Portis (“The author has become well known for not being well known”) a wider audience. In addition to True Grit, Norwood, and Dog of the South
are splendidly entertaining.

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