Free Alan Gross

9 Dec

I had a lengthy and if I recall correctly, wide-ranging chat (a transcript of which should see the light of day,uh, soon) with Yale mentor Carlos Eire, who has written two memoirs, one about his pre revolutionary childhood in Cuba, Waiting for Snow in Havana (which won a National Book Award in 2003), and then in Learning to Die in Miami recounts growing up in the US as a part of the 14000 Cuban children airlifted (known as Operation Peter Pan) to Florida and dispersed throughout the country.

In the course of our tet a tet Eire mentioned the case of Alan Gross, an American Jew who in bringing lap tops and cell phones to the minuscule Jewish community in Havana was arrested and has been held with being charged for a year. Gross is in poor shape (he has lost 90 pounds and suffers several health problems) and reportedly his wife has exhausted their resources in her fruitless efforts to arrange her husband’s release.

To add an extra dimension of pain to Gross’s travails , this past summer Gross’s daughter , who is in her twenties was diagnosed with cancer.

This poor man has apparently (there are occasional news reports) has been left to languish in a Cuban military hospital, in violation of every international standard of justice and due process.

Can’t we,anyone, do something?

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