What, You Don’t Know Who Charles Portis Is?

12 Dec

How pleasing it is to see that the New York Times has hopped on the Charles Portis (“The author has become well known for not being well known”) bandwagon today with two articles on the holiday release of True Grit based on the novel by Portis that was first immortalized (so to speak) by John Wayne and Robert Duvall.

Boston College mentor Carlo Rotello author of the award winning tome Cut Time: An Education at the Fights,went to “interview Portis in Arkansas — Portis secured the promise that the could not be quoted directly from Rotello. Nonetheless, the examples of Portis’s dialogue and prose are sufficient and the incisive color material well chosen to be convincing to the unfamiliar reader that Portis warrants serious consideration. Rotello’s “True to ‘True Grit'”is a nice piece of writing in its own right.

Film critic David Carr talks to the film makers, known as the Coen Brothers
and clearly the message in “The Coen Brothers, Shooting Straight” is that their efforts were directed at staying true to the book employing, much of Portis’s dialogue in True Grit. An effort for which they ought to and will be commended.

Stay tuned.

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