The Book Stops Here

22 Dec

Here’s a round-up of recently received books. The only editorial statement I care to make about this list is that the books of special interest to me are linked to further explication and description:

Obama’s Wars -Bob Woodward(Simon & Schuster)
Simple Things-Amy Sedaris (Grand Central)
The Gun– CJ -Chivers (Simon & Schuster)
Swallow:Foreign Bodies, Their Ingestion, Inspiration and the Curious Doctor who Extracted Them – Mary Capello(New Press)
Player One– Douglas Coupland (Anansi)
What is All This? Uncollected Stories of Stephen Dixon (Fantagraphics)
Black Los Angeles: American Dreams and Racial Realities – edit by Darnell Hunt and Ana-Christina Ramon(NYU Press)
The English Opium Eater -Robert Morrison (Pegasus Press)
Jacobs Beach: The Mob, the Garden and the Golden Era of Boxing -Kevin Mitchell (Pegasus Press)
Bad Sport How Owners Are Ruining the Games We Love -David Zirin (Scribner)
The Witness House Nazis and Holocaust Survivors Sharing a Villa during the Nuremberg Trials-Christiane Kohl (Other Press)
The Wolves of Andover– Kathleen Kent (Little Brown)
Rescue Anita Shreve (Little Brown)
Long Last Happy– Barry Hannah (Grove Press)
The Making of a Writer Vol II -Gail Goodwin (Random House)
There is Power in a Union The Epic Story of Labor in America – Philip Dray (Doubleday)
American Colossus The Triumph of Capitalism, 1865-1900 -HW Brands (Doubleday)
My Reading Life -Pat Conroy (Nan Talese/Doubleday)
The Confession -John Grisham (Doubleday)
My Nine Lives A Memoir of Many Careers in Music– Leon Fleisher (Doubleday)
Encyclopedia of the Exquisite: An Anecdotal History of Elegant Delights -Jessica Kerwin Jenkins (Doubleday)
Infinite City A San Francisco Atlas Rebecca Solnit ( U of Calif Press)
Fate, Time and Language: An Essay on Free Will -David Foster Wallace ed by Steven Cahn (Columbia U Press)
The Foreign Film Renaissance on American Screens (1946-1973) U of Wisconsin Press
Toward the Setting Sun- Brian Hicks (Atlantic Monthly)
The True Memoirs of Little K – Adrienne sharp (FSG)
When Oil Peaked– Kenneth Deffeyes (FSG)
Wake Up The Dead -Roger Smith (Picador)
Begin Again A Biography of John Cage – Kenneth Silverman (Knopf)
Under Fishbone Clouds -Sam Meekings (Thomas Dunne/St Martins Press)
The Heart of William James -ed Robert Richardson(Harvard U Press)
The Two Faces of American Freedom -Aziz Rana (Harvard U Press
Jazz -Gary Giddens & Scott Deveaux (Norton)
The Killer Within: In the Company of Monsters- Philip Carlo(Overlook)
The Collaborator– Gerald Seymour (Overlook)
The Keep– F Paul Wilson (Tor)
1916 -Morgan Llywelyn (Tor)
Decoded– Jay Z (Spiegel & Grau
How I killed Pluto and Why it had it Coming– Mike Brown
Lost Souls– Lena Herzog (de.Mo books)
Isabella Blow A Life in Fashion -Laura Goldstein Crowe( St Martin’s Press)
Dear Mrs Kennedy -Jay Mulvaney & Paul De Angelis (St Martin’s Press)
The Novelist’s Lexicon;Writers on the Words That Define Their Work– edited Villa Gillet/LeMonde (Columbia U Press)
Our Patchwork Nation -Dante Chinni & James Gimpel (Gotham)
LZ -75,The Lost Chronicles of Led Zepplin’s 1975 American Tour-Stephen Davis (Gotham)
Fame What the Classics Tell Us About Our Cult of Celebrity-Tom Payne (Picador)
The Poet’s Laureate Anthology-ed Elizabeth Hun Schmidt (Norton)
Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead -Rick Meyerwitz (Abrams)
The Poster 1000 posters from Toulouse-Lautrec to Sagmeister– Cees de Jong,Alston Purvis and Martjin Le Coultre (Abrams)

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