7 Jan

I pretty much have hardened my opinion that Karl Rove is a pox on the politics of our middle aged republic—one has only to contemplate his handiwork in the mess that his puppet left. Ouch. The only countervailing view of which I am aware was Donna Brazille’s report that Rove was the only person who phoned to see how she was after the 2000 election debacle (you’ll recall that Brazille headed Al Gore’s ill-fated campaign).

No surprise that Karl Rove joins reptiles like Dick Morris as a frequent commentator on Murdoch’s flying monkey venue. An accident of circumstance recently had me watching Fox and Rove expiating on Obama’s situation.

I did notice his odd choice of verb when he opines on the Democrats fix and Obama’s strategy for 2012. He frequently allows that ” He suspects Obama will do this…” Or, he has” a suspicion that the Dems will do that…” As if he, Rove, has ferreted out some devious and corrupt behavior.

Can Karl Rove be that clever?

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