The Beat Goes On

13 Jan

My frequent, if not regular, listing of books received Two books about Jackie (Kennedy Onasis) and her editing career and two books about silver screen (when there were such) star Hedy Lamarr, a novel by poet, Sandinista and former Nicaraguan vice president Serge Ramirez, a very original approach to biography via cartography and a great collection of Herman Leonard’s jazz portraiture. You can figure out why some are highlighted, right?

Good, good, good.

Jazz– Herman Leonard (Bloomsbury)
Beat Atlas A State by State Guide to the Beat Generation in America -Bill Morgan (City Lights)
Charity Case– Tom McCann ( Exeter Press)
The Oracle of Stamboul – Michael David Likas
The Evolution of Bruno Littemore– Benjamen Hale (Twelve)
The Petting Zoo -Jim Carroll (Viking)
The Mother Who Stayed -Laura Furman (Free Press)
Hedy Lamarr The Most Beautiful Woman in Film- Ruth Barton (Univ of Kentucky Press)
Tent Life – Wynn Gallery (Umbrage Editions)
Best European Fiction 2011 ed by Alexandr Hemon ( Dalkey Archive)
An Unlikely Prince: The Life and Times of Machievelli– Niccolo Capponi (Da Capo)
Beautiful: The Life Of Hedy Lamarr-Stephen Michael Shearer (Thomas Dunne Books)
Young Mr Obama: Chicago and the Making of a Black President -Edward McClelland (Bloomsbury)
Will Eisner -A Dreamer’s Life in Comics– Michael Schumacher (Bloomsbury)
George Washington’s America: A Biography Through His Maps -Barnet Schecter (Walker)
Fraser’s Penguins : A journey to The Future in the Antarctica– Fen Montaigne (Henry Holt)
The Elephant to Hollywood – Michael Caine(Henry Holt)
Sobbing Superpower Selected Poems of Tadeusz Rozewicz -translated by Joanna Trzeciak (Norton)
A Thousand Deaths Plus One– Serge Ramirez (McPherson & Co)
Jackie As Editor– Greg Lawrence (Thomas Dunne Books)
Short -Cortright McMeel (Thomas Dunne)
Dogfight A Love Story -Matt Burgess (Doubleday)
Mr Hooligan– Ian Vasquez ( Minotaur)
Nights of the Red Moon-Milton Burton (Minotaur)
The Fates Will Find Their Way– Hannah Pittard (Ecco)
Reading Jackie -William Kuhn (Nan Talese)

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