22 Feb

While events and conditions in the United States for those who hold for social and economic justice have been, shall we say, of a decidedly discouraging bent, the people’s uprisings in Egypt and other Middle East feudal states has been inspirational. Its even possible that the forces of darkness may be turned back or at least restrained in their chicanery in Wisconsin and other places.

Another source of inspiration for progressives and social activists is patriarch of protest Paul Krassner, the editor of the legendary satiric magazine The Realist , founding father of the Yippies, standup comedian, comrade of beatified comic Lenny Bruce, creator of the iconoclastic poster, “Fuck Communism” and many other accomplishments too numerous and important to merely list. Krassner has published an expanded edition of his Confessions of a Raving, Unconfined Nut: Misadventures in the Counterculture which can be purchased at his website.

Krassner, who has done his fair share of “consciousness expansion” with Dr.Timothy Leary and others, opines on the US drug policy:

But the [society’s] priorities are insane. Cigarettes kill 1,200 individuals every day—and that’s just in this country—whereas the worst that can happen with marijuana is maybe you’ll raid the refrigerator at midnight.

For more of a recent interview with the Krassner, go here:

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