Brave New World?

8 Mar

Don’t hold it against me that I am commenting on a book review—the obvious situation holds here. One cannot read all the books that cross our path (nor would one want to) but this sampling from the astute Chris Lehmann’s critique
of Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age By Clay Shirky (Penguin Press) did hit the mark:

It’s more than a little disorienting—and not a little obscene—in a society of increasingly desperate financial distress and joblessness, to be marched one more time by a beaming missionary through the key points of the New Economy catechism, which holds that the social achievements of the web are remaking the world as we know it remorselessly for the better, abolishing all the old distinctions not merely of intellectual and cultural quality but also of social class,national identity, government regulation and the fabric of public and private life itself.

This quote reminded me of the talking head economist recently interviewed on the TV news opining that ” rising fuel prices could be digested by the economy and did not pose a threat to the [so called]recovery.”

Where do these experts live?

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