The Last Award Show

14 Mar

The National Book Critics Circle (an organization that has always struck me as exotic) Award is seemingly the last book award that receives some attention , even beyond the paradaisical boundaries of the literary world. For what its worth Jenifer Egan’s Visit from The Goon Squad won the-whatever-it-is they award for fiction: some money, a hyperbolic designation and the chance of a moment in between news flashes from Japan, twitters from Charlie Sheen, Kim Kardashian latest magazine cover and, oh yeah, Libya’s attempt to overthrow Wacko Quadafi.

I have had a chance to speak to Ms Egan a trio of times in the past two decades and have found her to be an imaginative and sure handed writer with a respect for the demands and rigors of the writer’s life. My last chat with Jennifer took place last summer with the publication of Visit from the Goon Squad—its even possible we talked about it.

Here’s Jennifer talking about it and reading from her latest novel.

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