Off the Grid

18 Mar

Since I peruse collateral/press material after I read a book (if at all) I was not surprised to read Chuck Adams’s estimation that West of Here ( Algonquin Books) by Jonathan Envison was the best book he had edited in his lengthy career. This novel of exploration, internal and external, set in the barely tamed Pacific coast of Washington state in 1890 and 2006 intertwines the stories of the fictional town Port Bonita’s founders and their descendents some 100 years later. As Adams observes;

In essence, it’s a story about the footprints of time, how mistakes keep happening, and how people keep on trying to be strong and brave and, most important, just and right. It is about the human spirit, both individual and collective. And it is about the echo of human life, how something said or done in one generation just keeps reverberating through all the years that follow.

Author Envison talks here:

West of Here is a robust, full bodied narrative with a compelling ensemble of characters: dreamers, explorers, connivers, Native Americans of various stripes good-hearted folks and bust out losers and some people suspended in between.

Need I say more?

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