A Must See Book

31 Mar

There is something to be said for the old becoming new especially as progress today seems to be defined by what can be plowed under —vinyl records, kodachrome, typewriters and so on—to make room for new technologies and gadgetry( interestingly it seems that older consumer goods were usually both durable and repairable—of which not many things can be said today.) It was pleasing to see a piece in the New York Times on the allure of the typewriter—I am one of those admirers of this appliance having four strewn about my habitat including a time honored Hermes 3000.

And so it may be for black and white photography and the wonderful books that exhibit this antiquated art. Every time I receive one of these wonderful photographic monographs —in this case, Max James Fallon’s Couples An Eclectic View (Must See Books)— I am reminded that the imminent decline of civilization and with it the disappearance of a variety of significant building blocks of culture has been forestalled for one more moment.

Max Fallon whose day job for years was in the world of advertising art direction and production continued to pursue his passion for portraiture— and in Couples we are treated to an array of 99 couples of striking diversity and a riveting photogenity. And given Fallon’s professional experience, it is no surprise that the duotones are well-reproduced and well-displayed in this handsomely designed volume.

All that, qualifies Couples as must see book.


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