Lionel Talks About Lionel

17 May

Recently I noted the upcoming release of a film based on Lionel Shriver’s seventh novel We have to Talk About Kevin. For those readers who are interested in such things, you have already found that Ms Shriver has a lot to say about the curious, unlikely and not uncommon path that that book took enroute to publication. In case you missed it though, Shriver goes on at great length here

This is the money graf (for me):

What has it felt like, watching a novel travel from pariah manuscript to Cannes? Obviously, publishing the novel at all was a relief. Finally hitting a bestseller list when six previous novels had lost money was satisfying, though in general my experience of “success” has been surprisingly mild; I couch that word in inverted commas out of superstition, and also from dubiety that ever regarding one’s self as having summarily arrived is good for one’s character. My life is not so different, really, and though I’m less prone to depression I hardly leap out of bed every day bursting with disgusting go-get-’em-girl vim and vigour. (Any writer still wallowing in self-congratulation over the popularity of a novel written a decade ago should be shot.) I’ve travelled from amazement to incredulity to bewilderment, and at last to bemused detachment.

And, in case you have not had enough of Lionel/Kevin, here’s a 2006 interview with Ms Shriver:

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