Jim Harrison Keeps on Rolling.

20 Jun

Every serious reader—that is a reader for whom reading is one of the great joys of life—has a few authors that are almost automatic additions to the To Be Read pile(s) when such authors’ newest title is published. Jim Harrison is one such writer for me and happily I just received his forthcoming novel The Great Leader (Grove Press, due to be available in October 2011.)

Among the qualities that I admire in HArrison are his humility and humor and a wonderfully digressive style that engages in a smooth and graceful manner. For example, in The Great Leader, Sunderson a Michigan State Trooper detective explains why he has changed his mind about a young colleague:

…The entertainment was arranged by a younger officer whom Sunderson had originally disliked but then sympathized with over his rejection by the FBI because of a college prank. The FBI had altogether too many stiffs who couldn’t think, in that pathetic euphemism, out of the box. A little old lady FBI agent had seen 9/11 coming and had she worn a necktie thousands of livesmight have been saved not to speak of the grotesque governmental aftermath wherein the constitution was sadly bruised and the fraternity boys realized their ambitions about torturing brown people. There were thousands of bright career tracks for sadists who knew no more about the MIddle East than a Lubbock insurance adjustor.

Stay tuned, I expect that in the future I will indulge numerous opportunities to regale visitors to this terra incognito with citations from and comments on Harrison’s work.


One Response to “Jim Harrison Keeps on Rolling.”

  1. Harvey Morrellar July 2, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

    Darn you to heck for getting to read The Great Leader before I do. I am extremely jealous. By the way, I still treasure your interview with Jim Harrison.

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