Think Global, Read Local Pt II

11 Aug

If there were a pantheon of booksellers my first nominee would be/is the incomparable Vincent McCaffrey, emminence gris of the once (red) brick and mortar, Avenue Victor Hugo Bookstore (once)situated on Boston’s faint replication of Rodeo Drive,Newbury Street for many years (before it became a strip mall)
Of course, one’s rationale may be equivalent to the t-shirt I occasionally sport that declares, “The sports team from my locale is superior to the sports team from your locale.”

Which leads me to recall peerless Truman Metzel who once owned the extraordinary Great Expectations Bookstore in Evanston Illinois. But that’s another story…

Vincent who published, Hound, his first novel featuring Boston book dealer Henry Sullivan a few years back,

reprises Sullivan in A Sleeping Hound to Wake (Small Beer Press)

Currently reading: Butcher’s Crossing-John Williams (NYRB),The Funny Man-John Warner (Soho)

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