16 Aug

The movie Magic Trip: Ken Kesey’s Search for a Kool Place occasions much reminiscence as Kesey and his affiliation with merry making Merry Pranksters and other cultural deviants were significant models to the young undergraduate dissident role that I affected when it risked little to do so.

Robert Stone who I have spoken with a handful of times and who ranks high in my pantheon of literary paragons spent some time with Kesey and the rest of the crazies depicted in Magic Trip, published Prime Green a Memoir of the Sixties, in 2007. NPR, in paying homage to Kesey and his time, reprised an interview with Stone in which he, among other observations, says of Kesey

Kesey was a remarkable character. You didn’t have to be much of a psychologist to see that this was an extraordinary individual, with an enormous amount of energy and drive and imagination and he was simply a lot of fun

Power to the Peaceful!

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