Another Brick in The Wall

29 Sep

The Boston Red Sox, no slouches when it comes to monetizing every iota and molecule of their mighty brand, came up with another ambitious product, er, project. You can have your very own brick in Fenway Park, emblazoned with your name (as well as a facsimile to adorn your home) for between $250 to $475—this in celebration of Fenway’s 100th anniversary

And that is not all. Wondering to what level of doltishness the conversation about the Red Sox would descend, I spent a few minutes listening to a sports radio talk show. One of the Cro-Magnons offered the idea that he would buy a brick if he could heave it at the Red Sox player most responsible for their demise. Ho ho ho. His companion chimed in that given John Lackey’s chubbiness, the bricks would probably bounce off of him. Hee, hee, hee

Well anyway…

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