Cuba Si, See Cuba

30 Nov

Our`island nation neighbor Cuba has not been in the news so much these days (except, of course, for the occasional story about the egregious treatment and imprisonment of northamericano Alan Gross). Fortunately for those interested, my(nearly)life long fascination with that splendid little island (unshackled from Spain in what US imperialists called the “splendid little war”—only to become subservient to US sugar interests)keeps me tuned in to all manner of matters cubano.

Currently there are five picture books displaying Cuba past and Cuba present. You can view a couple of dozen images from Havana Libre Micheal Dweck (Damiani Editore) in Vanity Fair which judging by this array may be the most vapid representation of Cuba I can recall—except for portraits of the sons of Che Guevera and Fidel(Castro).

Copyright 2011 Michael Eastman

Havana Michael Eastman( Prestel) with an introduction by Achy Objes is a wonderful well-produced compendium of over 100 photographs that Eastman has shot over two decades.

The Splendor of Cuba : 450 Years of Architecture and Interiors(Rizzoli) written by Caribbean antiques expert Michael Connors and splendidly photographed by Brent Winebrenner is a time travel voyage to Cuba’s opulent Spanish heritage—so, no crumbling facades and structures notable for their faded paint and past glory.Connor talks about this project:

I can’t help but mention that this being the 44th anniversary of Che Guevera’s murder that there is a new book, Who Killed Che?: How the CIA Got Away With Murder by Michael Ratner and Michael Steven Smith (O/R Books). A good chunk of it is available at Guernica magazine.

Currently reading Salvage the Bones by Jesymn Ward (Bloomsbury)

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