In Heaven There is No Beer

7 Dec

I hope the fact that I don’t drink beer (except on those sweltering summer days when beer is a suitable pathway to a low level buzz) doesn’t disqualify me from noting the publication of The Oxford Companion to Beer (Oxford University Press) edited by Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster Garrett Oliver.

Its a massive 960 page compendium of everything you ever wanted to know about beer with over a 1000 entries provided by 166 drunk beer experts. My Morning News colleague Clay Risen, who I have witnessed consume his own fair share of beer weighs in

…And while it’s possible to find entire shelves of authoritative books on the Napa wine scene or the history of cabernet sauvignon, anyone looking for a comparable resource on brown ales or wet-hopping will find, at best, an ever-changing Wikipedia page. Which is why the Oxford Companion to Beer was so highly anticipated in the months leading up to its publication …

Thoroughly illustrated and beautifully typeset, the book is precisely what a companion should be: an engaging, subjective, erudite guide to the interested novice and, at the same time, a quick reference for the initiated.

Needless to say this tome is an excellent gift idea guaranteed to have a longer shelf life that what ever trendy gee jaws are being foisted on the consuming lemmings of America

Currently reading The Other Walk by Sven Birkerts (Graywolf)

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