Tea Kettle

13 Dec

I thought I would emulate the irrepressible Christopher Hitchens and collect some declarative imperatives on a subject I have been, recently, taken with— the teapot

Way back when I was on the up escalator to the good life I actually purchased a Michael Graves teapot (with birdie whistler)

ALessi Michael Graves Tea Kettle

The irony of this kettle is that it was Graves’s reason for designing for Target—claiming, “he couldn’t afford his own designs” Which brings me to my current tear kettle, the Target Graves tea kettle (which is about 1/5 th of the price of the Alsessi)

Michael GRAVES design for Target

In between I had a Kitchen Aid kettle which surprisingly was a ineptly designed

Kitchen AID Tea Kettle

Michael Graves understood what a number of tea pot designer missed(including Kitchen Aid —the handle of the kettle
needs to be a good distance from superheated steam that escapes when the hot water is being poured.

Currently reading The Harbor by Edward Poole (Penguin)

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