What a Wonderful WORLD

16 Jan

Dare I offer the observation that there is not much one can count on in this buzzing, blooming reality. I, however, derive some consolation from the annual publication of the Oxford University Press Atlas of the World, currently in its 18th edition (I have the 16th and 17th editions). I have my own reasons for poring over this oversized nearly 600 page tome but for those who are more cartologically advanced or obsessed, the maps therein make use of the most up-to-date digital mapping technology. In addition to its contemporaneousness, OUP also lists some of other the outstanding features:

-A new table of World Cities containing the most current population data available on the planet’s growing urban areas
-Dozens of significant changes in political geography, including new Bantu name forms in South Africa, the addition of four new provinces in Indonesia, and the addition of extra topographical names, places of interest, reservoirs, and highways to North America
-A timely “Region in the News” section showing the extended security fence in Israel as well as the impact of the new new members of the European Union
-A Gazetteer of Nations illustrated with flags and locator maps profiling all the countries of the world
-Comprehensive indexing of over 75,000 cities and towns, geographical features and historical names, with full latitude and longitude coordinates

Me— I am enamored of randomly flipping the pages and finding a plethora of eye opening information visual and conceptual—my idea of fun.

Currently reading In One Person by John Irving (Simon & Schuster)

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