Which Hitch?

29 Oct

I was speaking with a young woman —she is probably a generation behind me — and I realized she didn’t know who Alfred Hitchcock was and was not familiar with even his most famous films. This one pause to consider the size of the pop cultural window for subsequent generations Their accuracy notwithstanding ,biopics like Kinsey,Bird, Cadillac Records,Ray ,I Walk the Line, Bound for Glory, Malcolm X that ease access to cultural history.

Christopher Hitchens seems more likely to be recognized when the name “Hitch”is bandied about than the late 20th century British film director responsible for such classics as Vertigo, North By Northwest and, of course, Psycho and more. Alfred Hitchcock, “Hitch” as he was known to his wife and his staff, comes to mind via the HBO film, The Girl,which focuses on the singular relationship the aging and rotund auteur had with starlet/model Tippi Hedron. Toby Jones and Sienna Miller are convincing as the main characters.

As a counterpoint The Girl /Ms Hedron talks about her relationship with Hitch

Currently reading Ike’s Bluff by Evan Thomas (Little Brown)

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