One Never Know, Do One?

21 Oct
The Book of Men -Curated by Colum McCann

The Book of Men -Curated by Colum McCann

Apparently, anthologies of all stripes have taken up some slack from the vanished/vanishing population of mainstream short fiction venues. This, of course allows for some banal and crass topics but I am of the opinion that the appreciation of a particular writer frequently extends to almost anything they choose to expiate upon. Say for example something as hokey as “How to be a man”, which is the organizing principle for this Colum McCann curated The Book of Men(Picador).

Column McCann (photo: Robert Birnbaum)

Column McCann (photo: Robert Birnbaum)

The trick here is who the effusive McCann roped (or coaxed)into writing these literary bon-bons under Narrative 4‘s, banner a global nonprofit devoted to using storytelling as a means to empathy claiming… or so they say:

The Book of Men might not teach you how to negotiate a deal or mix a Manhattan, but it does scratch at that most eternal of questions: What is a man?

And a good trick it is, as the 80 writers assembled in this anthology from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Kurt Anderson to Juan Gabriel Vasquez, Terry Tempest Williams,Jess Walter to John Wray are an impressive lot.

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