Whose Holiday?

20 Jan

MayDayCartoon lg

I hope someone understands the allocation of federal holidays because they make no sense to me. Martin Luther King Day, of course, celebrates the great civil rights leader and conscience of a generation. President’s Day pays homage to the “father of our country” George Washington and Abraham Lincoln (though they originally were given separate holidays). Columbus Day celebrates the discovery and seizure of Cuba and the Greater Antilles by white men. And that’s it for holidays set aside for historical figures.

Mayday 1911

Mayday 1911

I am aware I have oblique perspective of holidays—my favorites are April 1st and May Day (International Worker’s Day)but it seems to me in the spirit of acknowledging the diversity of the peoples of these United States a few holidays might be added to the slate of days that wage slaves can take off from their labors. Here’s a few suggestions:

Sitting Bull,Crazy Horse and Geronimo
Cesar Chavez
Roberto Clemente
Isamu Noguchi
James Wong Howe
Betty Friedan

No doubt I have left out a number of nationalities and ethnic groups but one can only take this diversity thing so far. The point here being that its time to rethink whose memory we choose to honor and while offering merchants additional sale days to hawk their goods.


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