More Beard?

26 Mar
Mr Potatohead

Mr Potatohead

I have sported a mustache continuously since my freshman year in college (except for a brief period of legal travail) and experimented with beards, off and on (moving some friends to refer to me aS Mr Potatohead), as my interest in shaving waxed and waned. Thus, the commotion about my locale’s baseball team’s proclaiming a hirsute image puzzled me.

Hair hysteria

Hair hysteria

On the scale of newsworthiness, I would rate that about as compelling as Kim And Kanje’s Vogue cover (and the attendant concerns that this might destroy Vogue magazine). Yikes!

Does this need a caption?

Does this need a caption?

Now even the above mentioned barely tickled any frontal lobe activity until I was watching a television advertisement/spiel for a money saving mobile phone “family” plan and one of characters proclaims, ‘We need more beard.” Now it’s not as if I had a Eureka moment but that ad did lead to some moments of cogitation(including reviewing current benchmarks of triviality).

Currently, I am sporting a full upper lip with a small inverted triangle sprouting from the crease in my chin below my lower lip. These facial features do not lead me to feel any kinship or bond with any other bewhiskered male or mustachioed female. Just so you know…

Because I am adverse to purchasing products whose companies buy naming rights to sports stadium or art museum curatorial positions, I was very pleased to discover an enterprise that dealt in shaving products (razors, blades, shaving unguents and by cursory inspection did not seem to wreak terrible environmental havoc on the planet or contract slave labor. And after sampling their products, I am no longer using the football stadium titled wares. Thanks to Harry’s

Harry’s offers reasonably priced shaving products and consistent with the newest trend in branding and/or service journalism, Harry’s publishes 5 O’Clock magazine. Which, if I may say, is worth having a look at.

From 5 O'Clock Magazine

From 5 O’Clock Magazine

My shower curtain

My shower curtain

Currently reading The Exiles Return by Elizabeth De Waal (Picador)

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