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6 Nov

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Our Man in Boston continues the musings and ruminations on books and assorted contiguous  subjects that I, Robert Birnbaum,began at The Morning News in 80 plus columns from May 2008  until September 2010 —which in turn was a  mutation  of the  weekly Book Digest that began on February 28 2006 http://birnbaum.themorningnews.org/100/ I wrote then and it still seems true now that: 1) There are far too many books and writers deserving of the meager attention doled our by America’s mainstream literary press; 2) I am not at all constrained by whatever Byzantine code or principles book editors use in their choices for review coverage; 3) So-called “book notices” are preferable to an excess of mucked-up verbiage and veiled tendentious agendas (either the reviewer’s or the editor’s); and finally, 4) The ever-growing population of readers and book lovers who deserve a wide snapshot of what’s available in print without having to resort to the expensive and sometimes stultifying study of book-industry trade magazines.

Robert Birnbaum (photo Lydia Panas)

Robert Birnbaum (photo Lydia Panas)

Here’s an “interview” with me.

If you would,please keep in mind that my modest efforts at observation and ideation come to you at no monetary cost (to you). That being the case, I will not regale you with pitiful pleas for money to enable me to feed my poor dog or for the vital dental work I have been unable to obtain. No, if you feel the slightest twinge of obligation to compensate this (virtual) ink stained scribbler, a (thoughtful) comment left in the appropriate place in this outpost of distraction will suffice. Thank you.

Free Huey

One Response to “About Robert Birnbaum”

  1. Harvey Morrell November 18, 2014 at 9:06 pm #

    I just want to thank you for continuing to write. I found you through your interview with my favorite author, Jim Harrison, and have been reading you ever since. I owe you for all the many other authors you have written about, whom I never would have known about but for this blog. Thank you.

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