Autobiography/Memoir in 365 Parts..

13 Mar
Newton North #58 [photo:RB]

Newton North #58 [photo:RB]

As a 9 year old living in Chicago Robert Birnbaum came under the sway of the triumphant Cuban Revolution. He attended Mather High School in Chicago’s 50th Ward graduating 451st of a class of 551 in 1964. After university worked briefly in the Chicago Public Schools and The Kinetic Playground. His draft lottery number was 311. He left Chicago in 1971. He currently lives in Newton MA where his son Cuba is a captain of the Newton North High School Football team

2 Responses to “Autobiography/Memoir in 365 Parts..”

  1. Steve Lipsey March 13, 2015 at 2:43 pm #

    My lottery number was 35….it led to a slightly different outcome…

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