Autobiography/Memoir in 365 Parts (10.0)

25 Mar
Young Isadore with his father (circa 1947) [photographer unknown

Young Isadore with his father (circa 1947) [photographer unknown

25 March 2015

The only son of Alfred and Rachel Birnbaum was born in a displaced persons camp in Bamberg, Germany in 1947. Named Isadore (after his murdered paternal grandfather), his parents— given their horrific recent experiences— viewed him as a miracle. In 1956, when Isadore became a naturalized citizen, he took the opportunity to change his birth name to ‘Robert’, thereby accelerating his Americanization process and also removing a prime cause of being teased by his peers(“Isadore, are you a door or window”). From the age of 12 until he was 20, Robert lived in Chicago’s 50th Ward, known as the Golden Ghetto. He attended several mediocre colleges and has achieved a Master’ degree in History from Boston University.Robert has written for Stuff Magazine, Boston Magazine, Boston Common, The Improper Bostonian and on line for Identitytheory, The Morning News, The Virginia Quarterly Review,Los Angeles Review of Books, the Daily Beast and innumerable obscure literary venues.He is currently Our Man in Boston.

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