11 Apr
Mementos of an Active Life [photo: Robert Birnbaum]

Mementos of an Active Life
[photo: Robert Birnbaum]

12 April 2015

The modern penchant for so-called full disclosure warrants that Robert Birnbaum admit to his long criminal record. As an adolescent in Chicago, he was picked up a number of times by the police, though never charged, for various acts of teenage hooliganism. In 1967,he was arrested by Federal agents and charged with the sale and possession of 2 kilos of Indiana “Gold”, charges that were later dismissed due to a successful entrapment defense. In 1968, Birnbaum was arrested for criminal trespass for sitting-in, in Roosevelt University’s President Rolf Weil’s office, in protest of the school’s refusal to grant historian Staughton Lynd tenure. During the Chicago Democratic Convention in August of 1968, Birnbaum was picked up by police, but oddly enough, not arrested, for picking up a rock at the Grant Park Band Shell riot. In 1970, he spent a night in jail for a broken right tail light on his beat up 1964 VW bus. Birnbaum believes that there are still warrants out for him in Indiana (from 1971)for failure to pay a turnpike toll. Apparently, he has been rehabilitated and mended his criminal ways and has gone arrest-free since the early 70’s.

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