20 Aug

I have always liked Terry Francona— I especially like what he did when the two spuds who announce Red Sox games were disrespecting him

Tito salutes Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy

Tito salutes Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy

I am no fan of the bottom feeding website Gawker but this is a unique take of Straight Out of Compton and NWA

My kind of useful consumer research( except for including V necks) thanks to Garrett Kamps

The current legal wrangle involving the NFL and one of its big money, big time players is in itself in the scheme of things barely newsworthy (except that it is). It does raise some fun questions—like knowing what they knew about the great, big zed Roger Goodell how could the players union agree to a CBA (collective bargaining agreement) that game him so much power?

Baseball apparently can make you do dumb things

No surprise that the Amy Winehouse documentary has a large audience. The surprise is that Amy’s father, Mitch, still shows his face and continues to cash in on his brilliant daughter.Well maybe not—he comes off as a money grubber when she was alive so…

I bet you don’t know what The Glomar Response is. Well, if you read (as I think you should)Laura Poitras’s (director of Citizen Four)‘interview’ at the Daily Beast you will find out about that and some other disquieting things about your government in action. That’s if you haven’t read this about AT&T helping the NSA

The Lower Quarter by Elise Blackwell

The Lower Quarter by Elise Blackwell

I have been mulling over the meteorological event known as Katrina (perhaps in the future it will stand as a symbol of governmental malfeasance) I came across a fine novel,The Lower Quarter by Elise Blackwell set in post Katrina New Orleans Jenny McPhee blurbs

A bedazzling southern noir set in post-Katrina New Orleans, The Lower Quarter catches us up in the tangled paths of four individuals, each haunted by a brutal past. While expertly unraveling her characters’ intertwining stories, Elise Blackwell in her highly atmospheric new novel powerfully conveys the endlessly destructive legacy of violence and the redemptive beauty of art.

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