Misc. Miscellany: Aggregating is the way…

26 Aug

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s The Wiretap signs off… (thanks, Jason Kottke)

Apropos of nothing (except my lack of understanding of Taylor Swift’s popularity), she and this group (Celeste Dion, Michael Bolton, Shania Twain)are an aggregate of nails being run across a blackboard…(feel free to add your own musical mediocrity)

I have enjoyed William Boyd’s fiction for some time and I especially liked the cinematic iteration of Any Given Heart(available gratis on YouTube) a broad, sweeping narrative covering well over a half century and a stellar cast (including the voluptuous Hayley Atwell):

Sweet Caress by William Boyd

Sweet Caress by William Boyd

Boyd has a new novel, Sweet Caress, which I also enjoyed and in preparation for yet another conversation with him, I also read Restless which has recently been made into a film and which you can also watch in its entirety here

On the plus side, it does feature MS Atwell. On the minus part, the younger and older versions of the main characters match up badly (which is to say they don’t)ā€” I can’t imagine Hayley Atwell aging into Charlotte Rampling and Rufus Swell into Micheal Gambon.But maybe that is what aging is ā€” transformation into the unimaginable.

We know Curt Schilling is a dick. But how disingenuous is ESPN?

Serena (borrowed from New York magazine)

Serena (borrowed from New York magazine)

Serena takes a lot of (racist) shit.Personally I find her appearance protean and endlessly attractive. As I do Ronda Rousey. Maybe the competition that should be promoted would between these two super jocks



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