What Would Ernie Banks Do?

26 Jul
Mr Cub, Ernie Banks Baseball Halll of Fame plaque

Mr Cub, Ernie Banks Baseball Halll of Fame plaque

Arguably baseball is meaningless though that I would not suggest that it is without value. As a Chicago Cub fanboy I have gained nearly a lifetime of joie de vivre from the simple task of following the Northside’s benighted hardball team’s exploits. But sports in the USA having slipped into venal spectacle, there are now other things that impinge on baseball as a nearly pure joy. The Cubs just acquired rocket armed Ardis Chapman which has MLB universe extending the team’s post season…
There is a (to coin a phrase) a fly in the ointment. In pursuit of much need buttressing of their shaky bullpen, the Cubs threw four players at the Yankees to rent the skills of flame throwing closer Aroldis Chapman
Newest addition to the Chicago Cub roster, Aroldis Chapman

Newest addition to the Chicago Cub roster, Aroldis Chapman

Here’s how SB Nation’s Mark Robadin sees it

The Cubs had about all the sympathy a baseball team can get from other fan bases. You might have heard, at some point, that they haven’t won a World Series since 1908 — even baseball fans who aren’t a fan of the team, but want to root for a good story, can feel okay about pulling for the Cubs if their own team is out of it. Chicago made that a little harder, though, by trading for Aroldis Chapman on Monday. They didn’t make the possibility of winning harder — in fact, Chapman is great on the field and will help out their bullpen both now and in the postseason …

Chapman wasn’t arrested for choking his girlfriend and firing a gun eight times in his garage in anger, but he was suspended by Major League Baseball after their own investigation of this domestic violence…. there are myriad reasons why domestic violence isn’t even reported, never mind brought to court, or why, like in these two cases [also Jose Reyes], the victim didn’t cooperate. And, before you think Chapman is remorseful and working toward becoming a better person so everything is rainbows and puppies and baby tigers, it’s not like he was cooperative or apologetic, either.

Domestic violence is quickly normalized and brushed off in sports, and the cynicism of teams like the Yankees and Cubs has been and very well could be rewarded. The Yankees and Cubs have both agreed that business and profit are more important than real-life concerns, and they aren’t alone in this — there’s a very good chance your team was interested in acquiring Aroldis Chapman, too. Well, at least now that his suspension is up, anyway — you have to make sure you’re getting full value for your domestic abusers. If the Aroldis Chapman trade makes you feel uncomfortable, then you’re giving it more thought than the Cubs and Yankees claim to have. If only more fans and front offices agreed with you.

Grant Bisbee chimes in

… Flags fly forever, so that’s why the Cubs are OK with sweeping Chapman’s domestic violence and subsequent suspension under the rug, which they likely weren’t willing to do before the season started. He doesn’t seem remorseful for choking a woman and firing a gun in his garage to blow off steam/intimidate/any other horrifying explanation, and there are already eggs who will chase you down if you bring this point up as a negative. If you’re thinking it’s not a big deal, you have some pretty miserable bedfellows.
Would Mr Cub, Ernie Banks stillgleefully  incant, “Let’s play two!”

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