From My Buddy Howard…

1 Mar



Howard’s response to last night’s (by the Bedlamite POTUS) performance art,

It was inevitable that as soon as President Treblinka managed to speak for more than a minute and not to sound like he is suffering an incurable intellectual deficit or a cognitive disorder that he will calm a lot of people down and demonstrate that quality so highly revered called “presidential.” Actors do a better job of it. Reagan proved that.

What’s incontrovertible and unchanging—and horrifying in the prospect of seeing how people are reassured by a measured expression of the same insane and intemperate political goals for our country—is that virtually all of his “hopeful” speech last night is simply unfeasible, which is to say, impossible, economically. That is, not without doing what will, finally, be irredeemable damage to the social and democratic integrity of our country.

Howard’s a nifty guy (he is, after all, my friend). He has his own piece of web real estate, 1 Standard Deviation. One would do well to  take a peek as he is an accomplished photographer as well as luminous wordsmith…


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