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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Jasper Johns*

22 May

Who doesn’t know who Jasper Johns is? Arguably America’s best known modern artist (well, there is Jackson Pollock) his work sells for millions of dollars garnering the highest prices for art by a living artist. Mostly known for his paintings, Johns did experiment in print making which is the focus of an exhibition, Jasper Johns / In Press: The Crosshatch Works and the Logic of Print at the Arthur M. Sackler Museum in Cambridge Massachusetts,through August 2012.

For those of you who like myself are agoraphobic or adverse to museums, the exhibition’s curator Jennifer L. Roberts, has produced (with help from Jennifer Quick) an excellent 100 page monograph Jasper Johns / In Press The Crosshatch Works and the Logic of Print which includes an illuminating essay on the relationship of Jasper John’s printmaking to the overall body of his work designed and produced by the excellent German art book publisher Hatje Cantz Verlag.

*not really

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